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5 Things to know when you are selling a house

Selling a house is not as easy as it sounds! This is when Real Estate and Mortgage sales representative comes into the play. Don’t relax yet because there are a million other things that need to be taken care of. Work closely with your Real Estate and Mortgage sales representative to make the selling of the house hassle free. Here are 5 things that you should be doing while selling your house:


Get Professional Help: Hiring a selling professional can make your life much easier. As it is his job to do everything in a good manner based on his experience. While hiring a Real Estate and Mortgage sales representative, go through many options, once you know the person you want to choose, check their reviews, their brokerage’s reviews and the kind of work they have done in the past. You don’t want to be getting involved with an undisciplined, unorganised and mess up your deal. Do every check possible you can while choosing a Real Estate and Mortgage sales representative.


Keep It Clean: The house should be clean all day, every day. Yes! I know it sounds hard but there is literally no other option. Once your house is listed, you will have visitors for showings on a very short notice and this will happen most of the time. Messy houses often leave a negative impression and end up being rejected. Leave no room for that and keep your house shining until it has the sold sign hung outside. Make sure you remove all your personal religious belongings from the house. Ensure there is no certain smell of your house, people like to stay fresh and neutral.


Price your house reasonably: Its well understood that everybody wants to earn a good profit when you sell your house but if you price it too high no one will buy it anyways. Sit with your Real Estate and Mortgage sales representative and check the recent prices of the house sold on your street then put a tag on your house according to its location, condition and amenities. Reasonable price help get genuine interests and sell the house faster.


Keep your Real Estate and Mortgage sales representative updated: You and your Real Estate and Mortgage sales representative should be on the same page. Firstly, make sure that the listed price is agreed upon by both, you and your Real Estate and Mortgage sales representative. Secondly, the Real Estate and Mortgage sales representative will have your house professionally photographed and/or video graphed and promote it on every possible platform, and you know the progress at every step.


Patience is Key: Selling a house involves a lot of paperwork and formalities and is very lengthy process. This is because, first you list the house at a certain price, if that doesn’t work then change the listing price after 3 months and so on unless you get a well negotiated deal and then close it. In case the buyer needs mortgages then you have to wait for another 45 days for that to get approved. So be patient.


Be prepared for all kinds of buyers: Here come the drama! Every buyer would have a different opinion for the house which once you thought was perfect for you. And that is natural as different people will have different needs. So if some one dislikes the house, please don’t take it serious and move on.


Bid goodbye properly: When you leave the house for the new owners to come in, keep check on all kinds of utility and maintenance bills. Make sure you pay everything off before the new owner moves in. Also let them know about details like any maintenance or cleaning that you have appointed monthly. Hand over the details to them with the keys. Ensure if any doors have different keys, handover those to the new owners of the house.


Buyers perspective is a big thing: You need to look at the house from a buyer’s perspective. Take a tour of your house as a buyer and make note of all the things that need to be changed or modified like the kitchen countertop or the paint or the flooring and get those replaced. Also, staging your house can do wonders. So, just get a great Real Estate and Mortgage sales representative for a great deal on your house and make your life easier. And all the best, I hope you slay the deal.

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