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A mortgage helps you to get the key to your dream house without feeling the heat of the high expenses all at once. In Canada, a person is required to pay at least 5% of the property rate as the down payment. If your down payment is below 20% of the property’s price, you would need to purchase CMHC insurance, i.e., mortgage default insurance. The minimum down payment rate may vary depending upon the credit history of the client.

Getting a mortgage is a very detail-oriented process which can be done seamlessly by professionals only. Aman Warraich is the name you should rely upon to get your mortgage approved at the desired rate. My clients are provided with all round mortgage solutions, which are hassle-free and on a budget.


Mortgage is a very wide concept and includes various services to complete the set and achieve the purpose. I and my team provide our clients with all the mortgage services at one place, which includes:

First Mortgage: Getting first mortgage, i.e., the primary loan on your name which has the highest priority and pays every claim on the registered property requires detailed paper-work, credit check, clients’ financial details, etc. We take care of everything on your behalf to get you the first mortgage at the rate which is convenient for you.

Second Mortgage: This mortgage type stands on secondary priority list and has higher rate of interest as compared to your first mortgage. This mortgage is the loan which is taken to pay for shortage of funds you require to make a new investment. We aim at providing our clients with marginal difference in the interest rate of the second mortgage, so that your pocket is not hurt with burdens of debts.

Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC): HELOC is the line of credit which a client receives from banks. The distinctiveness of this mortgage type is that lump-sum amount is not received; rather the client has the freedom to access to the funds he requires anytime as per his conveniences. Moreover, there is no obligation to pay this mortgage in a certain series of installments, in any specified time limit. I guide you through the process of getting a HELOC, and ensure that you apply only as per your necessity and do not go overboard. This will help you to achieve your long-term financial goals with lower debts.

Purchase and Refinances: Purchase mortgage is taken to purchase home, whereas, a refinance mortgage is bought to ‘refinance’ or fund your any existing mortgage. Purchase mortgage is independent of refinance mortgage and can be purchased even without refinancing. Contact me today to understand your requirements of Purchase and Refinancing and get them approved at ease.

Debt Consolidation: I help you to get rid of high debts through Debt Consolidation. This mortgage will help you pay your other claims and provide you with some sigh of relief. The benefit of getting a Debt Consolidation is that you will owe money to just one company and have a much lower rate of interest. Just pay the monthly installment, which will be adjusted with the principal amount. This could help you save money on varied and higher interest rates on numerous loans.

Private Mortgage: If you do not want to take loan from banks or any other financial institution, then Private Mortgage is your thing. You can get loans from business concerns or individuals. It has lower rate of interest than banks. I connect you with reliable, genuine and financially secured business concerns and individuals to help to obtain a private mortgage.

Mortgage Renewals: There is no need to worry when you have me and my team and want to make changes in the agreement of your existing mortgages. We conduct meetings with the borrower and the lender to come down to conditions which are favorable to both the parties to survive in the competitive market.

Bridge Financing: Get a bridge loan through me to pay the obligations of larger debts in their specified time limit. It is a short-term loan which ranges between 2 and 3 weeks.

Mortgage Calculator: We provide our clients with reliable mortgage calculations. This helps you to know about the results in financial positions by changing one or more variable in your mortgage agreement. This is also used to determine the amount to be paid in monthly repayments and current financial position as well.

I provide you with complete financial consultations. Contact me today to be relaxed from all the funding issues and carve your road to success.